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Switch On with C2Me

Transform your business from the inside out.


Transform your business from the inside out.




Creating Fundamental Change in your Business

Disruptive technology is changing our world, and the expectations of people along with it.


With on-demand, interactive relationships expected in all areas of modern life, the workplace and the marketplace are merging. It is becoming harder to discern between those who may buy our products, and those who produce, market, and sell our products.

C2Me is a cloud-based platform that removes barriers so that all members of the workforce are engaged, empowered, and helping the business to transform.


It creates an ecosystem that enables your organisation to deliver meaningful and compelling value to people in- and outside the organisation, through addressing gaps in communication, supporting responsiveness, and driving innovation.


Many businesses continue to operate in silos, which compounds existing barriers to communication.


Add to this the disconnect in organisations between employees who are “online” and those who aren’t and an even larger rift in communication, productivity, and efficiency is caused.

C2Me uses cutting-edge technology and cognitive computing to

  • support the alignment of people to the organisation’s vision and values.
  • include everyone in the relevant conversations taking place.
  • create cohesion in all areas of your business.

Transformation: It’s About People.

How do you view your workforce?

Perhaps you think of your products, brands, and customers as your primary source of profit and value, while regarding your employees as a cost or liability.


Would they say you valued them as individuals?


What are you to them? Just a pay check at the end of every month?

What are you to them? Just a paycheck at the end of every month?

Perhaps this is why the last Gallup survey showed that only 9% of the South African workforce is actively engaged.

Is your workforce your customer too?

You may not view your workforce as your customer but, at the very least, they are critical to creating meaningful long-term relationships with your CUSTOMERS.


You have to unlock employee value, as it now plays a critical role in a global economy.


Your workforce is your true creator of value

Does workforce satisfaction = customer satisfaction?

Treating employees with the same care as you treat your customers will go a long way toward creating the dynamics you need in your internal and external interactions.

A new way to work

C2Me creates an ecosystem for your organisation to deliver meaningful and compelling value to customers in- and outside the organisation.

With an advanced business platform like C2Me, workplace collaboration advances alongside disruptive technology.

  • Connect with everyone in your organisation, and give them a voice. Advance and optimise your transformation.
  • Engage with and show individuals and teams how they impact the company vision. Improve workforce collaboration and efficiency through improving workforce effectiveness.
  • Enable them to live the brand.
  • Promote training and collaborative upskilling.
  • Engage with and create meaningful relationships with your customers. Delight your customers.

How C2Me Works

C2Me creates a platform that is tailored to your company’s specific needs and that is accessible on mobile devices.


The platform will allow you to communicate to and connect with your entire workforce, allow them to engage with you directly and bring them closer to the organisation.


This collaborative technology will help you to pull your resources together, thus creating an ecosystem to support your business, by supporting your key assets: People and relevant digital content.

C2Me establishes the framework based on your specific business needs

We will take the initial steps with you to establish:

  1. Your key drivers and supporting behaviours
  2. Applications you will require to be integrated into the platform to achieve full transformation potential.
  3. How to use the C2Me platform to drive benefits to your employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Optimisation of the platform includes the generation and distribution of content, the functionality required for everyone in the ecosystem, and the interactions needed to create compelling experiences and value.

The C2Me Technology



C2Me allows all members of the workforce to engage, even those without email addresses. By aligning employees to the company’s vision and value system, and giving them a voice and the ability to participate, they are brought to the front lines of the company.




Interpreting what is happening within your organisation is key. When employees are using public social networks, like Facebook and WhatsApp, the communication is not only not secure, but the company doesn’t own or have exclusive access to reporting or data. With C2Me, data is private and easily accessible for reporting and analytics. C2Me allows you to analyse data, contextual content, sentiment within the workforce, all in order to improve decision-making.


Cognitive Computing


Cognitive computing can easily be integrated into your C2Me platform to crawl, analyse, and report on data that you are interested in to provide valuable insights into your business and customers . It can also allow you to deliver accurate, relevant content to your audience.

Access Control


Relevant levels of access can be signed to each individual within the organisation.




Integration with key processes: payslips, shift schedules, training courses and the like can be managed and delivered through the C2Me platform.

The platform also boasts an interactive set of communication options that help to create conversations and discussions to promote engagement, knowledge sharing and alignment in the workplace:

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Switch On: Transform your business from the inside out.


Turn your employees into evangelists, and your customers into brand advocates with C2Me.


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A new way to work, transforming your business from the inside out.